Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Fabulous Art of Fab Ciraolo

Fabian Ciraolo

Chilean illustrator Fab Ciraolo likes to re-imagine his favorite characters from childhood or pop culture in updated hipster wear. The result is a fascinating alternative universe for these fantastical characters.

What is the story behind your "Old School Heroes" series? How did Skeletor end up in a plaid suit?

These cartoons were always in my mind, when I was little I would draw all of them by hand, I just loved them, so one day it just came to me. Drawing He-Man in a flower suit, I just did it and the result was interesting and fun to me. So I keep digging in all these characters making them more fashionable, always wondering how will they look in cool suits and jackets and tight pants— hipster looks. I wasn't inventing something out of this world, just giving a little twist to things that were in my mind a long time ago.

Fabian Ciraolo
Fabian Ciraolo

A lot of your work incorporates space-like elements and fairy tale references as well as pop culture icons, where does your inspiration comes from?

I am like a sponge, very visual, I hate reading but love looking. My mind is full of these icons and these images. I love to mix the old with the modern, giving things that already exist a new fresh air, a new vision. I am working in these series, with Frida, Che Guevara and DalĂ­, it is the result of all these things that are in my mind. How would these great characters look today? This is the main idea of all of these. I mix them with all the images that are inside my head and it is like an explosion of images that I need to get out and put them together in one piece.

Fabian Ciraolo

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