Monday, August 26, 2013

Ring Clock: Cool or Craptastic?

Ring Clock

This interesting ring clock caught my attention today. I like the concept: a 24-hour clock embedded on a ring. I like the way it looks and if it worked, it would be sort of cool. I'm just not sure it would work. It's supposed to have a tiny battery that can light up the numbers when you spin the ring. but I think I would prefer to have it illuminate or somehow indicate the time at a glance without having to "turn it on". Also the design is currently in 24-hour time which might be great if you're in the military but would require me to perform math which would inevitably lead me to the wrong time. It's also expensive. at around $200, it's a lot to spend on a watch, even a stainless steel one shaped like a ring. But mainly since it's still in the design phase and the fundraising video is somewhat sketchy without a lot of details, i'm skeptical it can even be made. What do you think?  Think it will work?  Put your money where your mouth is: Fund the Ring Clock

  Ring Clock Ring Clock Ring Clock Ring Clock Ring Clock Ring Clock Ring Clock

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