Thursday, August 15, 2013

Ilu Ilu x Super 7 Exclusive Tokio Supernova Vinyl Figure...!!


Ilu Ilu and Super7 have teamed up once again with an exclusive version of the Tokio Supernova vinyl Figure! The 6″ tall masterpiece of modern vinyl from Ilu Ilu is cast in clear vinyl with white and metallic silver paint, with an unpainted torso revealing a paper-innards insert. Each figure includes a removable vinyl space-mask and snap-on vinyl cape, packed inside a transparent tube with iridescent graphics.

The Ilu Ilu Tokio Supernova will be available Thursday, August 15th, 12 Noon PST, $120 each.

I'm a fan of Ilu Ilu. I like this figure too. Wish it came in a darker colorway.  The cape is a cool added touch. Not an in-expensive figure for the size. But the clear torso with paper innards is worth it. Hardcore only need apply.

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