Thursday, August 15, 2013

Mike Sutfin Mad Battle Man Giclee and Hand Paint...!!

Mike Sutfin has a new Mad Battle Man Giclee release over at his Big Cartel site. I love this illustration and for $26, it's the best deal on the interwebs right now.

For release, this Thursday, August 15th in the Sutfin online shop a Mini-print based on the vinyl toy 'MadBattleMan' by Mike Sutfin. 6.5"x6.75" Giclee print on heavy Moab stock. Finished with a UV gloss-coat. Signed, stamped & numbered edition of 42.

How about this new HP MBM, eh?  It has those toybot studio colors. I wasn't going to let it leave my studio, but unfortunately it was not destined to be on my shelf.

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