Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Super 7 Fight Party Friday! Fright Night ZombieFighter vs Glowing Lava Partyball

Super7_x_Secret_Base_Fright_Ni 400x299
0Super7_x_Secret_Base_Fright_Ni 400x299
Super7_x_Paul_Kaiju_Monster_Fa 400x299

Get your front row seats for this Friday's Fight Party! On the left corner we've got the Super7 x Secret Base Fright Night ZombieFighter. Once thought to be retired, ZombieFighter is back in a new form, all shredded and ripped, ready to finish what he started. ZombieFighter is cast in Black vinyl with Red, Grey and White sprays. $65 each.

Joining the fight in the right corner is Paul Kaiju's Monster Family Glowing Lava Partyball. Half monster, half machine, Partyball is the life of the party - until he decides to destroy it. Partyball is cast in GID vinyl with Orange, Brown and Gold sprays. $35 each.

ZombieFighter and Partyball will be available for sale this Friday, December 9th at Noon Pacific at the Super7 Store and online.

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