Thursday, April 09, 2009

Vinyl Junkies Custom Vatundoo Show!!

dbb74204 400x270

This just in....Custom Vatundoo by Paul Kaiju

Paul Kaiju custom Vatundoo

Paul Kaiju custom Vatundoo

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Vinyl Junkies is holding their own custom toy show featuring their quirky Vatundoo figure. Opening night is next Wednesday, April 15th at Kaiju Blue Gallery in Tokyo, Japan. I am honored to be invited and submitted this kit-bash below. Keeping with the Frankensteinian vibe going with the toy itself, I kit-bashed another Vinyl Junkies toy, the Skull Viking with it. Check out the Biskup interpretation above. Awesome. Looking forward to seeing more entries!

IMG_5957 400x599

IMG_5950 400x599

IMG_5948 400x599

IMG_5946 400x599

IMG_5942 400x599

IMG_5934 400x599

IMG_5953 400x599

IMG_5944 400x599

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