Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Secret Base U.N.B.K. Brain

3437218546_165b88c68a_o 400x300

It's nice to see Secret Base get back to basic with this new U.N.B.K. Secreter Brain. It's got that old school vibe that has been missing from many recent Secret Base releases. I would be very happy to see more like this...above pic stolen from Darth Hank.

The Secreter Brain series is a nod to Astro Mu and are probably the best Secret Base series IMO. This new one sports the retro pipe cleaners and a fresh paint application but comes with blue GID vinyl for the first time. You can order directly from Secret Base now so get on it before they sell out. ps: if anyone knows what UNBK means, drop me a note.

newbrain 400x371

newbrain2 400x360

1 comment:

Spasm One said...

On the header we can see "ultra Killer Bomb Nuclear" : U.N.B.K. ;)) it's an atomic Skullbrain !

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