Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ashley Woods x 3A Toys Large Martin Now Available!!

Large Martin

LARGE MARTIN is HERE!! This thing is insane. Standing at over 19" tall, this is the largest figure to come out of Ashley Wood and 3A Toys. Their motto is: "Fuck Small Toys" or something to that effect. Two versions are available now on Bambaland Store: Iron Panda and Big Red. The most limited was a 3rd Deep Powder version which looks to be sold out. At $300 bones each, it seems there is no recession for the die-hard.

Large Martin

Large Martin

Large Martin

with decal 400x533

lm4 400x299

lm2 400x299

Here's a comparison to the 15" Bramblebot...!

lm3 400x282

1 comment:

evilrabbit said...

I have bertie and brambleton but I can't shake the feeling that the design on this robot is lackluster...it reminds me of a garbage can with a poster tube and feet attached.

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