Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Super 7 SDCC Toy Exclusives!!!

Super 7 announces it's San Diego Comic Con Toy Exclusives!! From Super 7:

Dear Super7 Fans,

Just wanted to let all of you know about our exciting exclusives for this years Comic Con in San Diego!

check them out here:

MELTDOWN GODZILLA: The Giant-Sized Glow-in-the-Dark Meltdown Godzilla is a custom collaboration between Marusan of Japan and Super7. This amazing vinyl toy costs $150 and is limited to 50 pieces worldwide!


FRANKENGHOST: The Frankenghost by Super7 creator Brian Flynn is manufactured by Japan's hottest vinyl toy boutique, Secret Base! This extremely limited glow-in-the-dark edition will sell for $60.


SPIRIT GHOSTFIGHTER: Another hot collaboration between Super7 and Secret Base of Japan, the Spirit Ghostfighter is cast in pristine clear vinyl with yellow and green highlights. Also pictured here is the a chase version cast in clear vinyl with black and orange highlights. These toys will be blind-bagged, so you won't know which version you're getting until you open the bag. $60 each.



SKULL KING: Super7 and hot new Japanese toy company Skull Toys, brings you this astounding 12" figure. It's cast in clear orange and black vinyl and limited to 50 pieces worldwide!


STEVEN THE BAT: From Super7 and one of todays hottest underground painters, Bwana Spoons, this Steven the Bat vinyl figure is limited to 200 pieces worldwide, stands 5" tall and goes for a cool $35.


KITTYFIRE: This is the fantastic final release of Super7's and Tsuburaya Produciton's Kittyfire monster! Standing at a giant 15" tall, only 90 pieces of this black vinyl version will be available. Retail price is $90.


See you down there! We are at Booth # 4729

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