Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Custom Kuniochi Tamo Phayani by NVC Crew!!!!!


Dr. Bao and the NVC Crew are slicing up the custom toy scene in a big way!!! Fresh from their latest custom Grandizer Munny, NVC crew pays homage to Crazy Label's Tamo platform toy with their new custom Kuniochi Tamo Phayani figure!!! Description and pics from NVC's blog:

"Ok, so here's our work for the Taipei Toy Festival 2006 that will be held in Taipei next week. We received a blank platform from Andy to do the custom for that show. As soon as we saw the Tamo for the first time, we saw straight up a kunoichi (female ninja) in it. It's one of the rare toy that has a shape that can look like a female....So we just jump on the occasion to transform this toy into our kunoichi a la NVC style. We also made a bamboo forest for the character. We create a kind of peacefull place where she camo to relax by making a river and a bridge. We add a little touch of spiritual into it too by making a little shrine that we put in a corner. But at the same time we want to put a little bit of action into it and for that we decide to cutt off some bamboo trees to simulate if that we're fights in that peacefull place too... So kunoichi Tamo use to come there to relax, but sometimes she's been followed by ennemies and had to fight even in her "rest area".






To finish up the project we decide to make a video footage of the character. We even ask our sound and music engineer Johnny ill Digger from Boom Bap Cats to create a custom track for the video clip. We wanted something with asisan instrument but with a twist of hip hip flavor since we're from the hip hop culture... Johnny came up with this superb track... Mad props Johnny for your work!"

What is a Tamo? From Crazy Label: "3.5″ tall, 3 hair styles, rotatable head. Tamo, a toy designed by Alfredo Mejia, is based on a cute fashionable girl born from a cloud. Tamo stands for Te Amo in Spanish which means I love you."


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