Friday, July 14, 2006

Hellboy Qee New Pictures!!!


Some of you guys miiiiighhhht remember this post waaay back in February with these super sneaky special preview pictures of the upcoming Hellboy Qee. Below are some new pictures of this ruby red hellacious Hellboy. Oh, his fish friend Abe gets his own Qee as well. What I really dig is his Qee-size handgun. Totally cool. I heard they were going to be released at SDCC. I'm gonna pick up Hellboy and forget the fish guy.



Anonymous said...

These are actually QUEE, not KUBRICK

toybot studios said...

Doh! thank you!

viagra online said...

This toys is exactly I was looking for my nephew. He love Hellboy and his birthday is in a couple of days, and they are perfect. Could you tell me where can I get them? I really appreciate it.

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