Monday, July 10, 2006

New Kaiyodo Revoltech Figures Announced!!!

Kaiyodo knows a good thing when it has it. Their new Revoltech figures are proving to be quite popular with their twisty, turny, bendy limbs and joints that allow for all kinds of cool poses, not to mention the stands which will allow for those all-too cool anime, in-the-air positions of fleeting action! I'm on my way having almost all of them. I'm still waiting for a couple which drives me crazy because I pre-ordered them from Corner Store Comics months and months ago thinking they would have them first and now when everybody else has them in stock and i'm still waiting! I hate waiting! Now Kaiyodo has announced three (3) new figures. The black EVA 03, Getter 2 and Revy from Black Lagoon. They all look awesome as you can see and I will be ordering all of them!! Check out Revy from Black Lagoon with the John Woo double fisted handgun diving move!!! The Revy figure has it all: Tattoos, Daisy Dukes, boots, and boobs you could dial a phone with!











Anonymous said...

I got the Getter 1 from this line. I was a little disappointed because the click joints were only in the knees and ankles. the hips still had that weird kaiyodo slant-cut joint thing which hindered its poseability (sp?) a bit. I opted not to get the other figures in the line. Don't get me wrong--the figure is great. well-made, very articulated, great paint job--but just not what I expected. However, I do plan on getting the Getter 2 coming out. I wonder if they will make a Getter 3? that might be hard. anyway, just rambling. take care, and thanks for the cool site.

toybot studios said...

I like the Getter 1. I think the posability is pretty good - not too many figures that are as poseable. They are a bit cheesy in terms of the quality, but they are only $20 which makes for a great value I think.

I really like the stands that come with some of the figures. You can put them into all kinds of mid-air poses!

I'm sure they will come out with a Getter 3 version at some point.

thanks for the comments! keep 'em coming!!

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