Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Sket One Knievel Speeder Bike


Vinyl Pulse reports on legendary urban artiste Sket One's piece for the "Back In The Day" show opening at the L Street Gallery in San Diego on July 21st which is the peak of madness at SDCC. Sket One's concept behind the show was to have fellow artists customize toys that bring back that childhood nostalgia. If you ask most of us grown-ups why we collect toys, I think one common theme would be to re-capture those childhood moments. Now that I think about it, how come I didn't re-start collecting Hot Wheels??!! I used to love Hot Wheels! They would take up less space and they have to be less expensive than these damn robots and designer toys!

Sket One re-live's his childhood by combining two of the most iconic figures in the 70's and 80's: Evel Knievel in all his red white and blue glory and the futuristic, but ultimately splattered Scout Trooper on his soon-to-be obliterated Speederbike. I'm sure if Evel Knievel was riding the Speederbike, he would have been able to avoid those giant redwoods! However, the flip side is that if Evel Knievel had a Speederbike, would his jump over 35 school buses be as dramatic? I think not. Sket One is one ironic bad ass.

Check it out live whilst you're down at SDCC Friday, July 21st:

L Street Gallery
628 L Street (6th Avenue and L Street downtown)
San Diego CA 92101




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