Monday, July 17, 2006

Huck Gee Tunks On Sale NOW on eBay!!!!!


Hold on to your hats!! In a very calculating manner, just days before San Diego Comic Con when all collectors have been saving their cash all year long to spend on every exclusive toy and figure out there, Huck Gee ends his eBay auctions on what could be the most awesome custom Dunnys and Munnys known to man kind. Will you blow your wad on these custom made "Tunks", or forgo this once in a lifetime opportunity to pick up these amazing, oversized, yumminess of Dunny and Munnyness? I am so conflicted!! I've wanted one of these ever since I laid my bulging eyes on them a few short months ago! If you missed my post on the subject, I was so impressed that all I could say is "F*cking H*ck!!"

If you're thinking about it, you better hurry. As of now, there is less than 24 hours left on his auctions and I suspect there will be fair bit of sniping at the end. There are four tunks including the Japanese, American, British and German versions. If you're saavy and loaded, you can buy the British Tunk right now for $1,500.00!! The others are going anywhere from $650 to $750. Dude, that's a lot of cheddar, Yo! I think as artwork, they are totally worth it. My only problem would be my wife cutting my other ball off if I even thought about laying down that kind of cash on a figure.

Check out Huck Gee's eBay Auction now!!!

F*ck SDCC, you weren't gonna find anything cool there anyways!














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