Thursday, December 03, 2009

Medicom Snake, Darth and Yoda


I'm on the fence on this Medicom Solid Snake in Zombie Paint. Not sure why cause this guy kicks as. Snake rules and his Zombie mask is my fav. dunno, i'll probably end up buying it anyways when I see it in person. Maybe not. Well see. Do I really need another fucking toy? $80.00


I'm a Darth Maul fan too, but this version doesn't do it for me. I think the grin is a bit ridiculous and the exagerated Medicom crouch is too much. $69.99


But the worst offender of the trio is definitely Yoda. It doesn't even look like a Medicom toy. It seriously looks like it should come out of a cereal box. Very average. It's not even that great of a Yoda toy. $69.99


all pics and pricing via Ningyoushi

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Anonymous said...

I like when you get real and start sniping these pop culture biting companies who think they can sell anything based on a beloved character. Unfortunately, they are right.

Still, nice to see some more attitude from you on the blog. sometimes you can't always play nice, they want your money after all. -uberboy

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