Thursday, December 31, 2009

Hold Everything! Dropcloths are Dropping!

dd1 400x533

I'm still torn on these full size Dropcloths. I think I like them, but then that button head on top makes me think I don't. I like the battle kilt and weapons. I think I need to see one in person. Of course, by that time, these will have long been sold out. what to do, what to do.

Desert Dropcloth

dd3 400x533

dd2 400x533

Medic Dropcloth

medic3 400x533

medic2 400x533

medic1 400x533

Slim Red will be the first Dropcloth to drop....soon.

slim21 400x532

slim1 400x532

WWRp Armstrong???!! ok, now this I definitely like. Sign me up. I'll take all of them.

armwwrp1 400x299

Here's what happens when you're out of town with family on Christmas Eve..! You forget that your'e supposed to get online to get the Day and Nightwatch Bertie WWRp set...! fucking ay. Sold out in 5 mins? wtf. make some more. Someone send me the Nightwatch Bertie, please.

NW-fslash-DW-fslash-DIYw-3 400x533

NW-fslash-DW-fslash-DIYw-2 400x533

1 comment:

Brian said...

Having seen one in person, without the accessories on. His proportions make him similar to a regular 1/6th figure(e.g. Tomorrow King), only a little taller. The cool part about that, is it means they'll be great for posing and having fun with.

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