Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Killer J new 9" Sarumon Ape. Rumble Monsters Colorway!

Killer J Sarumon

I'm quite digging the old skool colorway of Killer J's new 9" Ape, SARUMON painted by Rumble Monsters. Nice!

From Killer J

Many of you No love to Smoking Star,Star Pet & Killer J now,
So I start a new period since this month. First Kaiju of New period will be Standard size Ape Kaiju-SARUMON,First version will be RUMBLE MONSTERS painted version, Overseas order will be accept at 5 Sep 14:00-5 Sep 20:00(Japan Time Zone), Price:Yen 8500(Price is not Includ Shipping & Charges).
It will be sell by Lottery.

So Please email your orders to following address,
Thank you!

Killer J

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